Wheres CatSwag?

Hey we just want to explain why we are now Tokyo53 and not CatSwag.

First of all, please accept our apologies if this has confused any of you.

As you may know, Catswag is indeed part of the Tokyo53 brand. Catswag's aim was to provide you with some really cool Cat related products.

Since launching our Shinobu and Neko clothing ranges we were very overwhelmed at how popular these were to you all.

It therefore makes sense for us to focus on our clothing products and in turn merge Catswag into our main company brand -Tokyo53.

We hope that our extra product lines will appeal to you just like the Catswag ones did.

I've just placed an order from CatSwag what do I need to do?
Absolutely nothing. All orders are currently being processed as normal. Everything behind the scenes hasn't changed. Only the website branding has been updated.

Once again. We apologize for any confusion this may have created. As a gesture please feel free to grab 10% OFF your order site wide with the following coupon code.


Kind Regards

All of us at Tokyo53/CatSwag!